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Blueleaf Sàrl, as holder of diBoks, is committed to protect  and to secure every data you store into diBoks databases. Blueleaf takes measures to protect personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, manipulation, or destruction.

This Privacy Policy describes how Blueleaf handles the data it has access to.


When you use create a diBoks, you and the participants of the diBoks share ideas and comments about specific subject. Those information are transmitted to Blueleaf; it can be names, e-mail addresses, or information relating to your suggestion box. Other data is generated implicitly by your use of diBoks, e.g. log data. We can use this information for to improve the product for you but we never analyze your content or use it. We do not sell your data to third parties.

Log data

Blueleaf records some actions in log files instead of analyzing the system behaviour, troubleshooting, quality assurance, and to monitor system security. We allow ourselves the right to publish anonymous statistics under the condition that no personally identifiable information can be derived from such statistics.

Blueleaf also uses Google Analytics for usage statistics. This service is provided by Google, Inc.. Their privacy policies can be found at http://www.google.com/privacy.

Blueleaf also use Infomaniak Network SA servers to manage the hardware part oft he service. You can find their privacy policies at https://www.infomaniak.com/fr/entreprise/documents-legaux. This company is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and guarentee data protection, service availability and a reliable connection.


When you use diBoks, the service can store cookies on your computer. In particular when you vote for ideas. Your browser will only store the idea identification number and the diBoks identification number linked to.

Outdated diBoks

Simple user can delete diBoks of its list but it will not delete the diBoks from database. Only the creator of a diBoks can delete it from database. As soon as the creator delete a diBoks no one will be able to access it. When deleting a diBoks, it will be archived in some other form for internal statistics purposes to improve the product for you.

Inactive accounts

Blueleaf can delete user-accounts if they remain inactive (i.e. not accessed) for 1 year or longer for free account.

Unauthorized access

Blueleaf  implements several mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to private suggestion boxes. However each participants and administrators are responsible to give share links to the right person or to set the box « on invitation » mode.

To access a diBoks, you use the unique link which Bluelaf provides and which contains a random access code. This link is an important element to prevent unauthorized access to a diBoks. You should send this link only to authorized people, i.e., the people you wish to participate in your diBoks. Setting the option « on invitation » administrators can edit a list of email-addresses that will be authorized once authenticate to access the diBoks.

User-accounts are protected by passwords. You should choose a secure password and ensure its confidentiality to prevent unauthorized access to your account even if those password are encrypted in the database and diBoks website uses SSL connexion.

Inviting from diBoks

As an option, you can contact and invite people to participate to a diBoks. In this case, Blueleaf needs to know the e-mail addresses of the people to be contacted. You can enter these e-mail addresses in the corresponding form. We will not share participants' e-mail addresses with third parties and we don’t send them adverting email. They will only receive email from diBoks which are directly linked to your diBoks.

Communication between you and Blueleaf

To contact Blueleaf about diBoks web application you will find a contact form directly on the website of diBoks (https://www.diboks.com). Blueleaf will answer your message as soon as possible by email or by phone.

Payment processing

Blueleaf is used to work with several partners specialized in payment process. To pay by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) the secured process is ensure by STRIPE. You can find their privacy policies here at https://stripe.com/en-ch/privacy/ . We do not store payment information.

Sharing personal information

Blueleaf uses personal information according to the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy.

Blueleaf may share personal information with other companies or individuals only in the following limited circumstances: (i) Blueleaf has your consent; (ii) Blueleaf has good faith that there is a legal obligation to share the data; (iii) Blueleaf needs to access or share the data to protect the security of the service or of others users’ data; (iv) diBoks needs to access or share the data to protect Blueleaf’s rights and property or to enforce the Terms and Conditions.


Blueleaf reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time. The most current version of this policy is available at https://www.diboks.com/fr/information/pp-1-0-2.

February 2 2018